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Atari Chain Builds a Bridge to The Old World via The New Atari Crypto Exchange



Atari Chain

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are helping to revolutionize the internet and financial industries on a global level and helping create a more inclusive and efficient world for all people.

While decentralization is an emerging trend that will continue to evolve in the decades ahead, the transition is just beginning for a large percentage of the world’s population and bridges will need to be built to help foster the migration.

It is in this spirit that video game innovator and interactive entertainment company Atari, creator of the Atari Chain and its native Atari Token (ATRI) has revealed plans to release its own high-end centralized exchange capable of servicing all the cryptocurrency-related needs of the Atari community.

The development of the Atari exchange comes on the heels of the release of the Atari DEX, a decentralized exchange that offers the ability to exchange between ATRI, Ethereum (ETH) and Fantom (FTM) via a MetaMask browser extension.

Atari further delved into the decentralized world through the creation of the Atari Smart Wallet and Atari DeFi, and now the rapidly expanding Atari blockchain ecosystem has its eyes set on conquering the centralized markets as well.

Thanks to a wide array of established partnerships and licenses the Atari Exchange will be able to meet the necessary requirements to offer e-payments, banking services, debit cards and much more in conjunction with its partner, the ICICB group.

Atari’s new exchange will boast a state-of-the-art professional trading interface for experienced traders that allows both limit and market orders, a “simple trade” user interface for those who are not looking to set their price, API access, the latest in KYC and AML protection, two-factor authentication and phone number access for account security and a 24-hour support center.

With the addition of the Atari Exchange, the Atari Chain ecosystem has firmly established itself as an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem capable of servicing the needs of not just the blockchain gaming community, but the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

And thanks to a cooperative agreement between Atari and ICICB, which is located in Dubai, the Atari Chain is well on its way to becoming the premier blockchain community and exchange provider in the Middle East and looks to establish a lasting economy that will thrive for decades to come.

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