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Babydoge Price Jumps As 10 Quadrillion Tokens Burnt, Thanks To Elon Musk!



Babydoge Price Jumps As 10 Quadrillion Tokens Burnt, Thanks To Elon Musk!

BabyDoge, the altcoin that records its origins from the DOGE community became the talk of the town of let. The meme-based project surged magnificently within minutes of mentions received from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

As Musk promoted the token, it rose more than 80% initially and continued to keep up the uptrend to record a three-digit gain. The volume also surged notably adding up nearly $15 million in just a matter of few minutes. 


The total supply of the token is around 420,000,000,000,000,000 and out of which the platform had planned to burn some tokens. The platform has announced to burn 3 quadrillion tokens earlier. And due to the recent fame and enhanced user interaction and social attention, the tokens to be burnt was increased to 10 quadrillion. 

With an aim to mark new highs the platform successfully burnt 10 quadrillion tokens worth nearly $7.2 million. However, the reason behind the increase was firstly the mentions from Elon Musk and celebrating 1 month birthday of Baby Doge. 

Collectively the BabyDoge price which is currently around <$0.00000001 could rally upside in the coming days to record new highs soon. It received unexpected backing from Elon Musk and interestingly, it did give a boost to the Dogecoin price as well.

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