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Bifrost Wins The Fifth Kusama Parachain Slot Auction



Bifrost Wins The Fifth Kusama Parachain Slot Auction

We are excited to announce that Bifrost secured the fifth parachain slot on Kusama – Congratulations!

Slot 5 Winner

Bifrost (BNC)Bifrost provides staking liquidity to anyone accessing its network. This means token holders can stake any cryptocurrency, such as DOT or ETH, on the Bifrost platform and receive a vToken of equal value (vDOT or vETH), allowing them to access decentralized finance applications while still receiving staking rewards. 

The candle auction for the fifth parachain slot ended on block 8,355,247 and Bifrost won the auction with a total amount of 142,431 KSM bonded to its project.

The amount of BNC token rewards per KSM and when they will be distributed is being finalized by Bifrost. We will update this blog and the Kraken Support Center when these details become available.

Rewards for supporting parachain projects vary per project. Please see our Support Center article for an illustrative breakdown of the potential rewards per KSM contributed, percentage of tokens issued to parachain auction contributors, campaign durations, token vesting schedules and more. The Support Center will only reflect information on currently supported projects. 

When will the Bifrost platform be live?

Possibly in the following weeks. We will update this blog and email all clients who contributed when Bifrost provides more details.

What happens to the other projects I supported that didn’t win?

KSM contributed to other projects will continue to support the bid of those projects to win Slot 6. For more information about the sixth slot and additional FAQs please see our initial blog.

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