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Can Bitcoin grow 10 times and what does it depend on?



Can Bitcoin grow 10 times and what does it depend on?

Anthony Pompliano, the managing partner at Morgan Greek Digital, told when and under what conditions the price of BTC will reach $100,000, and analyst Willy Wu and Bloockroots founder Josh Rager elaborated on such future growth.

On Twitter, Pompliano wrote that Bitcoin will rise in price to $100,000 in the winter of 2021. According to Anthony, the price will increase due to the growing demand for a coin with a limited issue.

Similar thoughts were expressed by the founder of Bloockroots Josh Rager. On his twitter, the analyst compared the course on the weekly segment with September and October last year and saw a continuation of the upward trend.

Willy Wu believes that the growth of Bitcoin will not stop at around $10,000, because investor activity has increased significantly recently and continues to show positive dynamics.

And the head of the Bittrex exchange Arthur Hayes suggests that the price of the “first cryptocurrency” will soon approach $20,000

At the moment, the price of BTC is $9,800, having decreased by 2.5% over the last day. Bitcoin’s market capitalization is $179,099,781,315.

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