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Cardano Hydra Solution Prepares for Mainnet Beta Release: Details



Cardano Hydra Solution Prepares for Mainnet Beta Release: Details

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Tomiwabold Olajide

Cardano Layer 2 scalability solution in final lap before mainnet beta release

Cardano‘s Layer 2 scalability solution, Hydra, might be nearing its mainnet beta release, according to IOG‘s most recent weekly report.

As stated in the report, the Hydra team is presently working on Hydra-node mainnet compatibility. The team has also added a golden test suite for Hydra Plutus scripts and some detection of Hydra-node misconfiguration.

A mainnet limit of 100 ADA per commit (for the present) has also been established. The team also addressed smaller tasks in preparation for the mainnet beta release.

Cardano’s Layer 2 scalability solution, called Hydra, aims to boost transaction speed by providing low latency, high throughput and minimal transaction costs.

The Hydra family of protocols’ first member, Hydra Head, lays the groundwork for advanced deployment situations.

Decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts and other applications may be built on top of Cardano thanks to the Alonzo upgrade.

Hydra, a key Layer 2 solution to further enhance Cardano’s scalability by layering a new protocol on top of the existing Layer 1 blockchain, is an intriguing innovation made possible by Alonzo.

Not only was progress made on Hydra, but the Mithril teams are also working on the final milestones to make the mainnet beta version of Mithril available, as earlier reported.

Recent IOG statistics show that 1,215 projects are currently building on Cardano, while 118 have already launched. A total of 63.5 million transactions have been made.

There are now 8.03 million Cardano native tokens spread across 70,937 minting policies. There were 7,489 Plutus scripts, of which 2,275 are Plutus v2 scripts.

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