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Cardano Price on the Brink of Crashing Down! ADA Price Predicted to Hit $0.50 if Falls Below $1



Cardano Price on the Brink of Crashing Down! ADA Price Predicted to Hit $0.50 if Falls Below $1

Cardano price has seen a lot of negative swings below the $1.50 and $1.40 levels in the last several days. Even the $1.30 support zone and the 55 simple moving average were broken by ADA.

The latest drop has accelerated below the $1.20 support level. The bears appear to be in charge, as the price has dropped to as low as $1.077. The present market activity shows that additional losses are likely below $1.08.

Near the $1.05 level, there is immediate support. Near the $1.00 level, the key support is found. The bears will be in full control if the price breaks below $1.00. In the above scenario, the price could potentially fall to $0.80 in the near future.

Near the $1.12 level, there is immediate upside resistance. The first big resistance level is at around $1.15. A clean close above $1.15 might trigger a significant surge and put the $1.20 resistance level to play. 

ADA Price can crash to $0.50 if it Plunges below $1 

Adding to the already bearish sentiment is a prediction for ADA by a famous Bitcoin maximalist. He has warned ADA holders of a potential nosedive that is due for the token.

Max Keiser, a prominent Bitcoin maximalist, financial expert, investor, and RT host, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on ADA’s potential short-term path.

Keiser warns that ADA could tumble down to $0.50 if the $1 support level is not defended by the bulls. 

ADA is currently trading at $1.03 down by 12.1% in the last 24 hours. 

However, Keiser has always been skeptical of ADA and other altcoins, arguing that Bitcoin is the only true and worthwhile cryptocurrency available.

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