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Contrarian Investment Firm Says Cryptocurrency Investment Can Combat Currency Debasement



Contrarian Investment Firm Says Cryptocurrency Investment Can Combat Currency Debasement

A $7 billion firm recently advised that land and cryptocurrency are two assets that can combat currency debasement.

In addition, the contrarian investment company is telling investors that crypto assets will help them more to face the growing economic challenges worldwide.

During a discussion, the co-founder of Horizon Kinetics, Peter Doyle, stated that the global pandemic and the high debts looming above different economies would bring an “Inflection point” for the global economy. According to Doyle, there is no other option to handle these issues except currency debasement or default.

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In 2016, the investment firm allocated 1% into the “Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust.” Now, that 1% investment is now accounting for 10% of its portfolio.

As a result, Doyle believes that people should have access to this asset class. He mentioned that Bitcoin had capped its supply given the concerns about currency debasement.

He also stated that knowledgeable long-term investors usually focus on concentrated portfolios & low turnover in their holdings because they allow the companies to grow to compound returns.

Horizon Kinetics Investments And Cryptocurrency Endorsement

Morningstar reports that Horizon Kinetics is the third amongst the top ten best performing mutual funds in 2021. Also, the company has amassed and benefitted a lot from a large number of long-term investments in real estate developers and landowners in North America.

Some of their investment returns come from include Brookfield Asset Management, Texas Pacific Land, and Dream Unlimited. All these investments are different from the 1% invested in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, representing 10% of its portfolio.

Horizon Kinetics focuses on moving in the opposite direction of where other investors are focusing as contrarian investors. According to the firm, they research deep into the industries to pursue only value-driven investments.

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For instance, the firm had owned Texas Pacific Land since 1994, when the firm emerged. This is the same approach they use for bitcoin.

During the cryptocurrency market crash, three funds under Horizon Kinetics are still the top performers in 2021. Small-Cap, Spin-off & Corporate Restructuring, These funds made more than 50% gains for the firm in 2021.

Contrarian Investment Firm Says Cryptocurrency Investment Can Combat Currency Debasement

Following an upward trajectory, the crypto market marks a %4 gain | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap on

Another of its funds, the “Kinetics Paradigm fund,” has also made gains of 48% for this asset manager. This is why the firm is placed amongst the top ten mutual funds in the industry.

Before now, there was a report from Guardtime, a blockchain firm in Europe, saying that the governments are becoming more interested in establishing CBDCs (central bank digital currencies).

The firm also predicted that a CBDC might become available in three years because the coronavirus has changed many things, even down to how people use money.

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