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eGame has Formed an Alliance with Jasmy



eGame has Formed an Alliance with Jasmy

eGame Initiative Ltd, a company promoting e-games and e-sports with the technology of Blockchain, has agreed on forming a project tie-up with Jasmy Incorporated, a Data Democratization company, as the projects shared their origin in Japan.

eGame has many good environments in partnership with Jasmy.
Firstly, personal authentication and registration function that allows you to easily start using the blockchain will be provided by Jasmy. Secondary, the ability to securely manage and store your own data on your smartphone or blockchain. Lastly, the ability for users to voluntarily authorize and trace their own data.
With those mentioned features, eGAME will be able to use various data and personal information in the desired form and when needed, without having to keep it in-house at all times.


eGame provides a real engagement between eSports players and fans. Upon the base of the eGAME platform, a wide variety of services is said to be developing. Their original token eGI has been listed on Coineal since June 30th. EGI is available with USDT. It has been an uptick ever since and is expected for further appreciation along with this partnership. Click here for the chart on Coineal.

The Project:

eGAME platform is built on blockchain technology, which can use smart contract technology and eGI, the native token of eGame, and has various functions available to eSports players and fans. Game organizers, game providers, advertising and event sponsors and other related facilities and real information, such as advertisements, can be used to access the e-Gaming platform through MR technology. This will enable effective product placement by game stakeholders. On the base of the platform, there are various features ready such as P2P Bets and NFT Features.


Jasmy is a company that provides platforms and solutions for the IoT. With the aim of Data Democratization, where individuals can manage their own data securely, Jasmy is partnering with a variety of companies in terms of data management through blockchain technology. The officers include people who have served as board of directors on a Japanese tech company Sony and are involved in the establishment of Jasmy.

What Jasmy changes?

Many of today’s network services are provided by huge platformers such as GAFA. We use their services for free, but in exchange, we give them our behavioral history and personal information. In this way, there is a potential danger that large amounts of data collected from the service will be exclusively managed, analyzed, and used by third parties.

How Jasmy change?

Jasmy provides an environment in which ready-to-use IoT is easily introduced. Throughout the processes from IoT strategy Support to Secure Data Analysis, Jasmy strives to protect the Data from those huge platform thurdparty.

Get Ready For Their AMA!

eGAME is ready to take place AMA (ask me anything) with engineers and Jasmy at the official eGame Telegram Community (
It is planned to be taken place on July 14th, 2021. In this time, you can ask anything, so feel free to come and ask in our Telegram community.

Connect with eGAME and Jasmy

Jasmy Offifical Website:
eGame Official Website:
eGame Official SNSs:

Contact: [email protected]

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