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How Taproot Could Improve Bitcoin — If It Gets Adopted



How Taproot Could Improve Bitcoin — If It Gets Adopted

Jeremy Rubin, a Bitcoin Core contributor and founder of Judica, a Bitcoin R&D Lab, joins Unchained from the Miami Bitcoin Conference (2021) to discuss all things Taproot. Show highlights:

  • a general update on the Miami Bitcoin Conference 
  • what Taproot will do for the Bitcoin network
  • how Taproot will make Bitcoin transactions more private
  • what effect Taproot might have on on-chain analytics companies
  • what parts of Bitcoin transactions will be public if/when Taproot goes live
  • what new wallet features Taproot will unlock for Bitcoin
  • how Bitcoin vaults might work
  • a user-friendly definition of MASTs (Merklized Abstract Syntax Tree)
  • how Taproot signaling works
  • when/if Taproot will lock-in
  • why network updates strain the relationship between miners and users

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