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Moonstarter — The New Generation of Launchpads.





Launching projects on a blockchain may not be an easy task, considering that there are different blockchains, and it may be difficult to ascertain which one would be perfect for your project. It may interest you to know that different blockchains have their unique features that distinguish them from each other, and at the moment, the landscape for projects is not as organized as it should be, and it has become very difficult for blockchain-based projects to get launched.

MoonStarter is an innovative platform to function as a multi-chain launchpad for decentralized projects. One of their major intentions is to bring some empowerment to crypto projects that are innovative and provide solutions to users. With MoonStarter, projects can be launched across different blockchains in the most secure way.

Get your project launched

Projects created on the Binance Smart chain and Ethereum blockchain will be the projects to get launched initially, while subsequent releases will allow the launch of projects that use Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot through the innovative and secure Moonbeam Parachain. According to the platform’s roadmap, they intend to allow support for other blockchains like Tron and Cosmos. However, the decision is dependent on what the MoonStarter community decides, based on the platform’s governance system, and it is also dependent on how developed and up-to-the-task the ecosystem is.


MoonStarter comes with different amazing features for users, because they hope to provide a launchpad whose access is secure and fair to everyone. Here are some features.

Due Diligence

Any project that is hoping to get on the MoonStarter launchpad will be thoroughly examined by the team of professionals behind MoonStarter, and that is a way to checkmate the activities of some projects that may be subpar. MoonStarter is only interested in projects that offer quality, and are safe too. The due diligence process consists of compulsory criteria that the projects must adhere to. In order to promote safety and security, MoonStarter will control the platform’s liquidity lock.

Fair Distribution and Inclusion

There is a fair calculation that takes cognizance of participants who may have staked their $MNST tokens; they will be able to be a part of the different projects that will happen on MoonStarter.

This is to ensure that there is fairness within the ecosystem, and participants are carried along with the development of the ecosystem.

Easy Operations for Projects

MoonStarter intends to make it easy for projects to run their IDOs in order to generate funds for the project. Furthermore, the projects will be able to increase their exposure and spread their project’s tentacles to potential and interested participants, as well as get access to different benefits from the platform’s expertise within and outside the crypto community.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) has experienced some unprecedented growth in recent times, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has proven that it is one of the most efficient and effective blockchains to facilitate DeFi. MoonStarter has chosen the BSC blockchain for its token launch. This decision was based on the fact that apart from being efficient, BSC’s transaction prices and speed are topnotch, and it also allows for seamless interoperability.

Token Use

Holders of the MNST token will have access to the following:

  • Proposed IDOs on the MoonStarter platform, and it does not matter the type of blockchain used for the project.
  • The governance of the platform is dependent on the contributions of the participants. Holding the MNST token gives the holder the ability to contribute to the platform and ecosystem’s governance; this means they are an integral part of the decisions made by the team.

Lunar Tier System

There are 4 tiers, and they were created based on the lunar system of the planet Jupiter. This tier system is subject to change, depending on feedbacks and developments within the ecosystem. The 4 tiers are:

In this tier, the participant needs to stake some MNST within 7 days in order to be a part of the platform’s lottery. Furthermore, the staker will enjoy the privilege of being whitelisted in anticipation of the IDO.

There is a shared allocation for stakers who stake some specific amount of MNST within 7 days. The allocation received is a function of the amount staked.

There is a shared allocation for stakers who stake some specific amount of MNST within a minimum of 10 days. The allocation received is a function of the amount staked.

This is the nicest tier to belong. There is a shared allocation for stakers who stake some specific amount of MNST within a minimum of 14 days. The allocation received is a function of the amount staked.


In order to provide users with a solid platform and stay true to their words, MoonStarter has gone iinto partnerships with some reputable companies including Magnus Capital, Kardia Ventures, Genblock Capital, BTX Capital, X21 Digital, VYSYN Ventures, etc.

User Experience

MoonStarter intends to make it very easy for projects to get launched. However, the users of the platform are categorized into 2: The Company behind the project getting launched, and the investor. The project will be examined closely by a team of competent people, and different questions will be asked in order to ascertain that the project is credible, reliable, and able to deliver on their promises and offerings. Some questions that will be asked include company information, amount raised, amount that needs to be raised, documentation and description of the project, etc.

The investor will get access to the information provided by the project, in order for them to decide whether they want to invest in the project or not. The investor is also at liberty to invest in multiple blockchains, as long as they follow the laid out investment processes for the different projects.

MoonStarter also offers users a business model that has optional services like community growth, technical consulting, operational consulting, and marketing consulting. MoonStarter has it all figured out, and the platform promises to deliver on its services, while offering projects a secure and safe launchpad for their blockchain-based innovations, in order to make entrance into the crypto community much easier for them.

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