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SWP Token by S-Wallet Team Presale Sold Out in Minutes



SWP Token by S-Wallet Team Presale Sold Out in Minutes

S-Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports popular cryptocurrencies and fiat assets USD/EUR with the ability to receive, store, exchange and send funds. The SWP Token is used as a service token, which provides the S-Wallet ecosystem.

Today, the cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds, with each cycle the number of users of digital assets is increasing, so the demand for reliable and high-quality platforms is huge. At the same time, at the moment there are only a few market leaders who accumulate the bulk of users, and they physically cannot satisfy all user requests. Which leads us to a completely logical solution: the market needs a convenient and easy-to-use service for servicing assets.

Sincere Wallet, or S-Wallet, is a new solution in the world of financial technologies. Of course, this is the first attempt to combine all digital payments in one place, but the creators of S-Wallet are sure that they have processed enough information about the errors of other projects to confidently overcome them.

S-Wallet offers its users:

  • Combining bank and crypto payments in one place;
  • Implementation of the opportunity for individual and corporate users to make transfers and payments in a few minutes to anywhere in the world;

  • Providing users with the opportunity to pay for services and goods using digital assets;

  • Create a new customer flow using S-Wallet for Business.

So, what is S-Wallet?

First of all, it is a comprehensive solution that allows you to make digital payments anywhere in the world and is suitable for both individual and corporate users. One of the key features of the new system is multicurrency, which allows users to get access to more than 20 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and fiat payment systems. Such flexibility will make it possible to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies using popular payment solutions, conduct secure exchange operations in all directions, as well as make digital payments. For these purposes, our own S-Wallet fiat debit card will be used.

A reliable debit card is one of the main requests of cryptocurrency holders today. This was the reason for the creation of S-Wallet. The main goal of launching the system was the desire to create a truly universal product that will make it possible to manage all digital assets in one place. S-Wallet allows you to store, accept, send or exchange various cryptocurrencies, use the merchant’s system, as well as accept digital payments.

The SWP Token is used as a service token to provide the S-Wallet ecosystem, but there is no rigid binding to it, since everyone can always exchange any amount necessary for him for a cryptocurrency convenient for him. However, the use of tokens gives customers certain advantages, such as free use of tokens and guaranteed remuneration for their storage within the framework of the platform. In addition, S-Wallet users are guaranteed to receive discounts, bonuses, cashbacks and other types of preferences when working with SWP.

The freedom to use your wallet gives the user full control over all the cryptocurrencies at his disposal. At the same time, the S-Wallet system takes care of the security of its customers ‘ funds and provides an increased level of control at every stage of financial transactions.

The main advantages of S-Wallet:

Reliability and safety

S-Wallet takes care of the security of customer funds and implements an increased level of control at every stage of financial transactions. The highest standards of operation ensure reliability in the use of a multi-currency wallet for personal and corporate purposes around the world. 

Guaranteed liquidity

Make unlimited exchanges of digital assets in a few clicks.

Business development together with S-Wallet

Start working with digital assets easily and quickly by connecting S-Wallet to your business.

Among other advantages of S-Wallet, it is worth mentioning high speed, full transparency – you can use a decentralized blockchain browser to track transactions with tokens, – a full-fledged infrastructure and access to a fully functional web wallet for safe and convenient use of tokens, as well as a stable economic model aimed at ensuring a gradual increase in the value of the token.

In June, 5 million tokens worth $500,000 were sold at a price of $0.10 – and in the record time: three rounds on June 1, 2 and 3 ended instantly – the first lasted 5 minutes 42 seconds, the second passed in 22 seconds, and the third round lasted only 7 seconds! 

The S-Wallet creators have also planned their actions for the coming months.  A Public Sale SWP is  planned on the principle of a Dutch auction, and the distribution of tokens purchased for both rounds of the auction will be carried out in such a way that each participant will be paid 10% of the total number of tokens that he bought, after which weekly payments of 2.5% will continue for 36 weeks.

In July, the SWP is scheduled to be listed on the UniSwap decentralized exchange. And after that, in August 2021, SWP staking will take place – that is, the process of storing coins on a cryptocurrency wallet to support transactions on the network in return for a reward.

To sum up, let’s highlight the main theses describing the Sincere Wallet system. Firstly, S-Wallet allows you to exchange tokens for the selected cryptocurrency securely in just a couple of clicks. Also, the system provides quick access to stablecoins and fiat payment systems, for both private and corporate users. The flexible working scheme makes it easy to carry out any necessary operations on the market. Working with the proposed service token gives the user a variety of bonuses.

Thus, the main features of S-Wallet can be confidently called convenience, speed and security, which is highly appreciated in the world of finance!

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