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Web3.Storage: Protocol Labs launches new interface to simplify Filecoin developer experience



Web3.Storage: Protocol Labs launches new interface to simplify Filecoin developer experience

Protocol Labs, an open-source R&D lab that builds protocols, tools, and services including Filecoin and IPFS, today announced the launch of Web3.Storage.

Data saved through Web3.Storage is accessible via the IPFS network; allowing anyone to access this data using open and public infrastructure.

As all content in the IPFS network is referenced via immutable links by default; developers can build highly resilient apps protected against any concerns of malicious data manipulation.


  • Web3.Storage enables developers to freely store content on the Filecoin network for the long term.
  • Use a simple library to interact with Web3.Storage and get all the benefits of Filecoin’s storage service.
  • Developers can build apps that are resilient to any individual service provider going offline.

“Establishing a new frontier for the Web3 movement, Filecoin storage providers recently surpassed 8 billion gigabytes of capacity on the network. To keep pace with the astronomical growth of the data-sphere and facilitate decentralized web innovation; enhancing the UX for developers is paramount. Web3.Storage is the easiest way to store data on the decentralized web using stylistic APIs that are approachable even to new developers in Web3 space. There is such a vibrant, growing community of developers interested in building their projects on Web3 technology. And Web3.Storage aims to make these powerful protocols accessible to all developers regardless of prior experience. The launch of the Web3.Storage intuitive interface means more developers than ever will be empowered to build Web3 solutions; and harness the full potential of  IPFS and Filecoin.”
– Jonathan Victor, Product Manager and Business Development at Protocol Labs

To be one of the early builders on Protocol Lab’s new interface visit

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