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xDAO Announces a Strategic Partnership with Polygon



xDAO Announces a Strategic Partnership with Polygon

In v2, we completely redesigned the architecture and logic of the platform. Our smart contracts have become more flexible and versatile, while initially created DAOs will be able to expand their functionality through additional modules – they can be connected with one click directly through the interface. In addition, we have implemented an off-chain voting system, when only the final transaction is recorded in the blockchain. This will significantly reduce the gas fee.

explained Egor Gavrilov


The xDAO platform has a large audience, and its use cases can be useful for venture funds, startups, investment fundraising and charity programs.

xDAO aims to create more internal tools for organizations, including data processing and analytics services, in order to conveniently provide information about transactions and interactions of the organization related to other smart contracts.

Currently, xDAO is at the 1st round of attracting investments to the project and is actively involved in the process of concluding partnerships with the world’s leading venture funds, as well as blockchain project teams.

“We, like our partners, are convinced that DAO as a form of collective and institutional asset management is the next trend in the world of cryptocurrencies,” Vladislav Shavlidze added.


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